SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

the company name behind products like:

CAF-316 made to last, the only seawater resistant
press fastener


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Caf-316 Applications

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

When it comes to quality and durability, it is all in the detail: imagine arriving at your boat for an exciting or relaxing trip you discover some of the press fasteners of your important boat cover didn’t seem to stand the rough weather of last weekend and popped loose. The damage is easily explained: When taking a closer look, the cause becomes clear by the rust they show. And soon you realize that the protection of your precious property is actually dependant on these little parts. Ever wondered why with nowadays technical developments this obvious problem is not solved? From now on you will only trust on the real durability of true stainless steel fasteners: CAF-316®, no compromise.

CAF-316® is the only press fastener in 316 stainless steel making it
even seawater resistant. The installation is like a normal press fastener,
with either hand tools, pliers or (semi) automatic machines.
Moreover CAF-316® is from the start available in 7 different colours
and is delivered in smart, stackable packages even for do-it-yourself



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