SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

the company name behind products like:

PERFIX, safe and secure, the only secure fastener
without protruding parts


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PERFIX Applications

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

PERFIX is well adopted in the marine market for fastening marine covers, sprayhoods, etc. As many water-sports fans will know, the existing fixing systems on boats all use pins which protrude from the deck. Not only are they a big source of irritation when they snag your ropes or rip your clothing, but they can be dangerous, too, as anyone who's ever stubbed a toe or tripped over one can testify. On top of that, the winter check-up regularly reveals that half the connectors are damaged and need replacing.

More than enough reasons to solve your problems once and for all: PERFIX®.

Thanks to the many applications this simple principle is suited for, there are several product development projects running.
Next to that, markets like camping, outdoor sports, furniture and baby-products are to be explored.


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