SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

the company name behind products like:

Q-SNAP, tight and easy, the only secure press fastener
with stretch-function


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SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

FINALLY: a way to fasten your canvas tight and easy with Q-SNAP,
the only SECURED fastener with STRETCH function.

It is developed for covers and sprayhoods on boats, and is perfect for all applications that require textiles to be tight and secure.

After every relaxing or exciting boat trip there is the hassle of fixing that boat cover or sprayhood, which is always just too tight. While struggling, your fingers become sore and finally you settle for a few loose fasteners: a true pain for every boat lover.
Now there is the solution from the inventors of PERFIX: Q-SNAP

Easy to use
Now even children and people with less strength in their hands can fix any tight cover. All thanks to the integrated lever of Q-SNAP. It is just that bit of help to overcome the tension easily.

Tight and secure connection
Cover makers using Q-SNAP can make a solid and tight cover that protects boat and crew properly. It won’t pop loose, no matter what the angle is between the fixed surface and the cover.

Quick to install
Quality smart and robust
Installation is like a normal press fastener with special tools that make it faster than other secured fasteners. There are no extra parts, thanks to smart pre-assembly.

Quality smart and robust
To even be resistant to seawater, Q-SNAP is made from high quality 316 stainless steel. The special ring spring in the socket is dimensionally stable and even more resistant to corrosion than SS 316. A thin silicone rubber layer isolates the Q-stud to prevent tension corrosion. Above all, it is the only secured fastener without moving parts, making it very durable and robust.