SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

the company name behind products like:

Q-SNAP, tight and easy, the only secure press fastener
with stretch-function


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Q-Snap Applications

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

The patented  system is just like a normal press-fastener, with 2 additional smart designed parts: a ring underneath the cloth and a gentle hook on deck. This combination turns the fastener into a secured connection that won’t pop loose, while it incorporates a stretch-function (lever). The cloth
is stretched as you fix, helping you to overcome the tension easily.

Not only watersport fans will benefit from Q-SNAP.
It is the solution for any application that requires textiles to be tight and secure. From cushions and sunbeds on mega yachts, to cabriolet cars and buggies, from windshields and sunshades to bags and furniture.
The unique properties make the possible applications for Q-SNAP numerous.


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Q-SNAP consists of 4 parts. The Q-cap and Q-socket are fixed in fabric. The Q-stud is mounted on either a fixed surface (with screw, M4, self-drilling screw or blind rivet) or on fabric as well with an eyelet.
All parts are made of 316 stainless steel or better and are available in 100 and 500 pack. There is a consumer pack of 10 sets and a special  Starter-KIT with introduction-offer.


TAB Q-socket
The Q-socket is an assembly of a normal socket and the special Q-SNAP-ring.

The spring inside the Q-socket is even more corrosion resistant than 316.

TAB startkit:
There is only one chance to make a first impression.
This is a complete set to start working with Q-SNAP-system incl. the most common items, all time-saving tools and accessories. Packed in a handy box to take along on the job’

It carries everything to get
you started

25xQ-stud (incl. screw)
5 x Q-pins
5 x Q-stud-cover
hand punch-set


Now anyone can do it: Q-SNAP blister-pack for easy
D-I-Y or even replacement.

Package: 10 sets
incl.: Application tool
incl. SWITCH-OVER SET to change
easily from tenax to Q-SNAP:
these smart items resizeany
tenax-hole in canvas or deck
to fit Q-SNAP.