SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

the company name behind products like:

Q-SNAP, tight and easy, the only secure press fastener
with stretch-function


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Q-Snap Installation

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners

Installation for Qsnap
The installation of Q-SNAP is like a normal press fastener.
Special tools make it faster to install than other secured fasteners.

Installing Q-stud (use the Q-stud-holder)
Fits most 15 mm. domed cap dies (similar to DOT, FASNAP) on a hand punch , pliersĀ  or any press. Exact fitting dies for SS316 are available.

Note: For applications with extreme tension or thin fabric it is recommended to reinforce the cloth (with pvc-coated fabric or similar).

Finding the right position for the Q-cap (Q-stud already installed)
Position the hook in the direction of the tensile force.
Holds the Q-stud in all directions during installation; also for left-hand.

Finding the right position for the Q-cap (Q-stud already installed)
Use the Q-installation pin

Finding the right position for the Q-stud (Q-cap and Q-socket already installed)
Use the stud-marker