SUREFAS, next generation fasteners



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SUREFAS, next generation fasteners


The inventor
George G. Veldhoen C.E. is a graduate of the Technical University in Delft and an accredited member of the NOVU (Dutch Order of Inventors). He has many patented inventions to his name, including glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (for which he received the worldwide GRCA award), a multifunctional suspension system, a hygienic acoustic ceiling and wall system and a tilting engine suspension unit for the G2 contained in a self-closing compartment (nominated for the HISWA 2004 Award). For many years he ran a company specialised in insulation materials and is presently devoting his time to innovations in completely different areas. We certainly haven’t heard the last of him!

The inspiration
George Veldhoen was involved in the development of Heeg Shipyard’s new open sailboat. The G2 - which was acclaimed as Sailboat of the Year 2004 – has a number of clever innovations on board which reinforce the boat’s aesthetic character. One of these practical developments is a tilting engine compartment, whereby an outboard engine can be invisibly hoisted out of the water and into a self-closing compartment.

With this inventive mindset George is the master brain behind the technical inventions that challenge the textile fastener industry brought to you by SUREFAS.

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